Fun Alphabet Learning Activities That Are As Easy as A-B-C
Actually, they ARE A, B, C plus 23 more letters!
Kids Love This.
Parents Love This.
  •  Tech-free learning
  • Requires Very Little Supervision
  • Perfect for "Letter of the Week"
  •  $19.99
NOW $9.99!
Over 495 Pages Of Alphabet Fun!
Created by the team of moms & teachers at & the Quirky Momma Facebook Page.
15+ Activities Per Letter
Print Extra Copy for Yourself :)
Tracing & Writing Practice
Phonics Activities & Games
Activity Extension Ideas
Recognition Fun

In Less Than 30 Seconds, 
Your Child Will Be Playfully Learning With Activities That They Love!

-No Set Up Required!
-Use It As Suggested Or Grab The Resources For Your Child's Own Learning Adventure.

Hands-On For Kids,
Hands-Off For Parents.
By Design.

-Intentionally Created To Encourage Activity Independence Through Play.
-Each Letter Set Has Similar Activity Set Which Becomes Familiar To Kids.
-Child-Led Learning Fun...

Screen-Free Activities
Creative Learning Without The Boundaries of A Phone or Tablet!

-Good Old Fashioned Learning Fun!
-No Additional Supplies Needed...Use What You Already Have At Home.
-Let Kids Get Creative With These Pages As a Starting Point...
Use the 19 pages included in each letter packet to explore how each letter looks and sounds...
  • Teaching Tips: Each letter packet has tips that help engage your child in the learning process using auditory, visual, and kinesthetic activities while activating prior knowledge.  What this means is no matter how your kid learns, we have you covered!
  • Tracing/Writing: Kids gain the coordination for writing through tracing exercises, coloring activities, playdough mat play and writing practice.
  •  Book List:  Take the handy letter book list with you to the library to expand the learning!
  • Phonics Fun:  Learning the alphabet, the sounds and how letters are used to form words is the first step in learning to read.  Phonics activities accelerate the pre-reading skill set.
  •  Crafts! Suggested Activities! More fun...!
How Parents Are Using Fun With Letters...
These have been an amazing preschool reinforcement tool for my daughter. Each week she focuses on a letter at school and in the evenings while I'm cooking dinner I give her a sheet or two from the packet for that designated letter and we talk about it while she does each activity. It has been a great way to engage with her all while getting dinner made! 
 - Rachel T
I can’t believe HOW MUCH is in this packet! 

I love that I can pick and choose what my kid might like best on that day...and save the rest for another time!
- Debbie T
This is exactly what I have been needing for letter of the week at home. I have tried to stay on schedule, but creating all the activities has been difficult.

My kid loves the certificate at the end of each letter section. She is wallpapering her bedroom wall with them. 
- Cynthia R
We have been working on one letter each week and there is so much to do. 

The book recommendations have helped me create a full “lesson plan” without even thinking about it.
- Maria C

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